Selected Innovations in the UK’s National Health Service with a focus on Primary Care, September 2018 [pdf]

Strategies and Ideas to Reduce Health Care Costs for Self-Insured Employers, January 2019 [pdf]

Map of Technology Companies Serving Self-Insured Employers, January 2019 [pdf]

Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Landscape, Vertical Integrations and Alliances, January 2019 [pdf]

US Map of Employer Coalitions on Health, January 2019 [pdf]

Medicare Advantage Plans and Enrollment based on CMS data, January 2019 [pdf]

The LifeWrap: A life-saving device for Post-Partum Hemorrhage and Our Project to Develop an National Implementation Plan for Zambia [pdf]

In Progress

Patient-Reported Outcomes: Applications in Health Care Delivery

Can Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) Predict Clinical Outcomes, Utilization of Care and Post-Treatment PROs? A Review of the Literature

What can health care learn from the complexity, information asymmetry and lack of price transparency in the automotive servicing industry

Getting Started with HIPAA for Digital Health Startups

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